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Truck Detailing

Our detailer at Big Wheels Detailing also has experience in detailing and restoration of Trucks, Agricultural Machinery and Earthmoving equipment.

Any truck (Machinery/larger vehicle) detailing services that are required by our Big Wheels Detailing Customers will be carried out at a space at a factory site suitable to accommodate larger vehicles. Arrangements could also possibly be made to carry out services onsite (providing adequate facilities).

Truck Detailing Services: Welcome


  • Wash - from $200

  • Exterior Detail - Includes a wash and clay, cut and polish - $950

  • Interior Detail - Includes complete blowout, steam clean of seats, and high grade dressing applied to trim - $400

  • Full Detail - Includes Exterior, Interior, Engine wash, and Random Orbit polish applied to metal - $1400

  • Show Finish Metal (Which includes sanding and polishing Alloy) -

Bullbar: $950 

Tanks: $300 per tank, Steps: $200

Stainless Steel: from $250

Wheel Rims: $150 per side

For further enquiries, enquire within.

*All Prices are Plus GST

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Truck Detailing Services: About
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