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Professional Services

Car interior.jpg

Full Interior

  • Complete brush and air blowout of trim and air vents

  • Roof lining cleaned

  • Steam cleaning of seat and carpets

  • Deodorise

  • Windows

  • Dressing for trim and seats (If applicable)

  • Leather treatment if desired at additional cost

Please note - 

  • Extra costs if there is pet hair within the interior - see pricing page


Full Exterior

  • Door jams cleaned

  • Washed with conditioner soap

  • Wheels cleaned extensively

  • Paint work clayed

  • Acid wash badges creases

  • Random Orbit cut, polish and hand wax

  • Outside Windows

  • Tyre Shine 

Full car detail.jpg

Full Detail

Savings of up to more than $100 with this offer:

  • Combination of Full Interior and Full Exterior as well as Engine Bay cleaned and both Headlights polished and restored.

Blue car being washed


  • Door jams cleaned

  • Washed with conditioner soap

  • Clean wheels

  • Apply spray wax

  • Chamois Dry

  • Quick wipe down to remove dust clean air vents

  • Quick vacuum

  • Deodoriser

  • Tyre shine

  •  Windows

+ Hand wax, incurs extra cost

Buffing a Car

2 Stage Cut and Polish

  • Full exterior detail (refer to above description) and rotor buff cutting step

Water Drops

Ceramic Coating

  • Full exterior detail (refer to above description) and application of pre-sealant polish and ceramic coating


Steam Cleaning

  • Floor carpet/mats and carpet seats are steam cleaned using industrial steam cleaner and antibacterial cleaners

Car wax.jpg

Hand Wax

  • Hand apply a premium wax sealant after a wash

engine bay clean.jpg

Engine Bay

  • Complete degrease of engine/painted areas. Also dried and dressed

Polished bullbar front view.jpg

Aluminium Polishing

  • Aluminium areas polished using specialised products and equipment. Price of this service varies from $50 up to $800 plus, based on size and area requiring polishing. Contact for a direct free quote.

Headlight detailing.png

Headlight polishing

  • Restoration of headlights

Cars for Sale

Fleet Detailing

  • Detailing services provided to businesses with fleets. Call for options.

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